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Can you name the various characters/scenarios from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

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What was the name of the comic Ross made when he was young
Phoebe's twin sister's name
Monica get's stung by what on the beach
What nationality was Rachel's love interest, Paolo
What colour jumper was Monica wearing when she and Chandler decide to get married
Joey's agent's full name
Joey's agent's catch phrase
How many times has Ross been married
Phoebe never learnt to ride a..
The name of Ross and Rachel's daughter
What does Phoebe want her friends to call her after she changed her name
Rachel's full name
Monica's full name (maiden)
Phoebe's full name (maiden)
Ross' full name
Chandler's full name
Joey's full name
What name does Joey give to 'The Happiest Dog in the World'
In which season was Ross and Rachel's daughter born
Mike's parents are called (first names)
Who played 'The Stripper' in 'The One Where the Stripper Cries'
Ross' monkey's name
Who does Chandler gets trapped in an ATM Vestibule with
Joey's stalker's name
Name of 'The Copy Girl'
Name the episode: 'The One Where Phoebe Hate's..'
Ross' girlfriend through some of Season 8
Joey tried to sell this in Japan '??? - Lipstick For Men'
Julia Roberts portrays this character (full name)
What doesn't Joey share
Dr. Drake Ramoray's evil twin (first name)
Joey has freakishly small..
Who tries to seduce Chandler in Tulsa (first name)
What does Joey claim he can drink a gallon of in 10 seconds
Monica accidently gets what type of bed
Phoebe's fake name
Joey's fake name
What can't Chandler do in front of a camera
What was Monica singing when her hair gets stuck in the shower rail
In 'The One in Barbados,' Rachel steals a badge with what name on it
Rachel worked at.. (1999-2004)
Ross' field of work
Who does Monica have her engagement photo's with
Where would Phoebe go to learn french
What does Rachel convince Bonnie to do
Chandler's mother's name
Who's name does Ross say at the alter
What was Emma's name going to be before Rachel said it sounds like 'a biblical w***e'
In Season 2, Rachel gets a tattoo of what on her hip
What nickname did Janice give to Chandler
Who says the final phrase of Season 10
Ross dressed up as what to try and teach Ben about hanukah
Monica's womb was described as what, meaning she cant have children
Chandler and Monica's children's names
Name Rachel's 2 sisters
Phoebe's most famous song
What is Emma's favourite song
What animal is Chandler afraid of
How many sisters does Joey have
What was Chandlers job (1994-2003)

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