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Incomplete lyricMissing lyricHint
It's nine in the ___ your eyes are the size of the moonPan!c at the Disco
___ supernova in the skyOasis
L.A ___ Elton john
You say sit down it's just a ___The Fray
Down with the ___ majorityGreen Day
The ___ of the dayLinkin Park
So give me ___ good reasonBlink 182
You see more your ___ than you do your kidsTracy Chapman
I talk to ___ as much as I talk to satanBiffy Clyro
Now your ___ comes to lifeAvenged Sevenfold
There's many ___ I wish I didn't doHoobastank
Why does it always ___ on meTravis
The roast beef combo is ___ ninety fiveBen Folds
Heart locked in a gran ___Jamie Cullum
It's too ___ to apologizeTimbaland feat. OneRepublic
It's got ___ seatsFeeder
Stacy can't you see you're just not the ___ for meFountains of Wayne
Well it's a ___ sweet symphonyThe Verve
You're my rock of ___ my dearRobbie Williams
___ eyed girl Van Morrison
We're all right where we should ___ Bruno Mars
___ as you areNirvana
Take me down to the ___ cityGuns and roses
Couldn't cut it as a poor man ___Nickelback
I need the ___ and the fresh sea air of the townDeaf Havana
Incomplete lyricMissing lyricHint
Kids will have ___ Blink 182
She will ___ lovedMaroon 5
If today was your ___ dayNickelback
Waving your ___ all over the placeQueen
You got ___ going in, you got ___ comin' out of your skinAthlete
Live and let ___Guns and roses
She could kill with her ___ Billy Joel
I never thought i'd ___ alone, I laughed the loudest who'd of knownBlink 182
I only wanna be part of your ___+44
You're my ___Oasis
Stuck on the ___ looking inYoung Guns
Here's my number ___ me maybeCarly Rae Jepson
You were a ___ crawling on your kneesMGMT
But I'm a busy little ___The All-American Rejects
The best ___ I found is don't look downFour year strong
Welcome to the ___Guns and roses
I'll eat my ___ with the pork and beans candy
And you're a pretty little___The All-American Rejects
I'm not a ___ personHoobastank
Take a ___ song, and make it betterThe Beatles
I lost my ___ in the summer timeOasis
Feeling a ___ slip awayFeeder
When you see my ___ hope it gives you hellThe All-American Rejects
I keep a close watch on this ___ of mineJohnny Cash
You cant play on broken ___James Morrison

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