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Can you name the Mana Khemia 1 & 2 characters?

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#1:Troublemaking senior who forces #3 and #5 to join his workshop
Serious swordsgirl
#3:Main character of Mana Khemia 1
Beastman girl
#5:Pink-haired, cheerful girl with a Wind mana
Bespectacled, British boy who considers the main character his rival
Ghost girl who fights with a teddy bear
Pink alien in a pot
Main character's cat
Synthesis teacher with a white boa and a green outfit
Cowardly teacher who first finds the main character
Red-haired, gangster-like member of 'the Mook Squad'
Female member of 'the Mook Squad' who summons the Azureflame mana
Constantly pushed around by #15; the head of the school
#15:She initially gets on #1's case about the required number of people for a workshop
School nurse/teacher
Combat teacher that's a Beastman
Main character's father and famous alchemist
Alien character's brother
Old man teacher
She assigns classes and gives you money for completing jobs
#22:Main guy character of Mana Khemia 2
Rich girl who has a crush on #22
Rich girl's water mana; looks like a maid
#25:Easily excited girl who fights with hoops; obsessed with her little brother
#26:Fire mana hired by the rich girl
Little girl who rides jelly-like creatures
Said jelly-like creatures (name one)
#29:Main girl character of Mana Khemia 2
#29's demonic friend
Resident 'fairy'
Animal suit man that's a ladykiller
#25's little brother; has an obsession with machines
#29's mana
Chairwoman with a crush on Goto
#36:Male antagonist who gives #22 a ring
Female antagonist fixated on marrying #36
#26's 'daughter'
Female who works for #40
#40:Blonde mana who has a bet with #41
#41:Old man mana
Male teacher with a Mozart wig
Old man related to #22
Evil-looking female Synthesis teacher
Female who assigns classes and gives you money for completing jobs
Male who assigns classes and gives you money for completing jobs
Fairy's teacher

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