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GameUserGame PlaysRating
MLB 2500 Hits, 400 Homerunsjmnyyankees1010.00
Name The Presidents behind those License Platesfluffy330.00
Clone Commanders (Pictures)DM49110.00
Who Was Leading When...?jackcalc20.00
Main Shopsdunblane00.00
Century by Architecturekhands25.00
Progressive Indians Career HR Leadertribe222550.00
wrestlers winning championships at Wrestlemaniabenbrown65.00
Figures of the Scientific RevolutionHaxxMurderer55.00
Twin Towns and Sister Cities of AmsterdamDaan_Jellyfish80.00
Musikkorientering: kan du tittel og komponist?ingjerdhovde20.00
President's Surname by Missing Letters and Mixed WordBoggelTeam55.00
The Avengers Quiz (Movie)Amrit_M40.00
Compass rhymeskendaroo55.00
A-Z of Guitar Hero Songssqeddovahkiin50.00
Harry Potter hintsplayer23440.00
Where is the lake?willhp60.00
Most Test runs while following onwallstreet29ers20.00
Bluestone 42 CharactersFevaFever10.00
Missing Word: Flash Villainsjohnnytaken65.00
Video Game Characters by CluesAISaiyans20.00
Oxford Alumni Match-upkhands135.00
Which Sports Person is That?bazmerelda365.00
nba most playoff 3-pointersThe_4st165.00
20th Century Match-upkhands215.00
Dance moms upto series 3thebossreborn70.00
Orange/ Baileys Women's Prize for Fictionraffeling10.00
English Football Managers 2013-14 (End Of Season)baconwaffles42.00
Teams of the DFB Frauen-Bundesliga 2013/14richard_trk00.00
Top Ten Pisa Test Score Countries (2012)bobsayshi92.67
NBA/BAA Teams by Overall Recordssambeaumont1232100.00
Home Run Leaders By Teamfantasyfan914414.00
Scottish Second Tier Winnerspurplefrogg6185.00
COC Triviasmokingguns05090.00
50 largest cities in Bulgariatijzemaes81.00
Malcolm McDowell moviesboromir20.00
Cities and towns of the Kalos regiondragonfly613830.00
Pokémon in the Dictionaryzellisgoatbond70.00
Best Picture Last WordsMSUKent344.29
Missing Word: Directing Michaelszalkon200475.00
Nazi Ministries and MinistersHaxxMurderer155.00
Serena Williams Grand Slam Final Opponentsollydj98170.00
Dog Breed Typing ChallengeMinecraftNoodler83.00
The Smiths opening lyricsBrutusNZ50.00
Champions and MVP's of the 2000's (4 Major Sports)SportsJunkie62474.67
Nicolas Cage Movie by IMDb DescriptionFlick310.00
The Typing ChallengeGeorge251083.00
Ballon d'Or winners minefieldGeorge251051.00
Anagram Finder NFLFlick144.00
Capitals of South AmericaAmarpreet91.00
Drop an Nmrsmith325.00
SI prefixes Minefieldbassmann75.00
Soccer World Cup winners minefieldGeorge2510444.00
1977 AL Opening Day Lineupssteelehere295.00
1977 NL Opening Day Lineupssteelehere294.67
Missing Word: 20th Century US History A-Zkhands185.00
2014 NHL Eastern Conference Playoff RostersJackFr150.00
The World's Leading Goal Scorers 1991 -2012pstm960.00
Civil Rights Activists Match-upkhands295.00
2014 Stanley Cup Playoff TeamsJimmieJ48fan230.00