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HintAnswerAnything Else?
Mycroft's email address accoridng to the pilot episodeAn impossible situation
Took Mycroft this long to learn SerbianYou're slipping...
The time of day when Moriarty breaks in the Tower of LondonHoney, you should see me in a crown.
Pink Phone Number Two arrives in an envelopeFrom where?
Mrs. Hudson's thinking about donating Sherlock's things to one of theseNOOO!! HE'LL NEED THOSE!!
Foreman of the juryIf you want your beautiful children to stay beautiful then follow my instructions
Anderson's first nameNot Sylvia. Sadly.
The museumThe great artisans say the more the teapot is used, the more beautiful it becomes.
The torturer's wife is being unfaithful...With whom?
The combination to Irene's safeNumbers...
John had his mustache for this longAt least while he knew Mary...
Pub at DartmoorSorry we couldn’t do a double room for you boys.
Sherlock's full name... What?
Won't leave the house for anything below a ___When did we agree that?
One of these in the fridge...I’m measuring the coagulation of saliva after death.
Mary's real initialsOn a little USB drive
HintAnswerAnything Else?
John's middle nameIf you were looking for baby names...
Number of minutes until they realize something's wrongSherlock reckons...
Police inspector from the Incident at New DelhiClever man...
John's therapistHow's your blog going?
The third passcode Sherlock tries in Irene's phoneI told you that camera phone was my life. I know when it’s in my hand.
Name of the small pet dog in The HoundsAnd how do you know that, Sherlock?
Music playing while Moriarty waltzes in to smash some glassSo tranquil...
Not a key code, after allThank you, Johann Sebastian Bach!
Number of 'suicides' in pilot episodeRight up your street?
Found dead on the tracks at BatterseaHe wasn't a traitor! It’s a horrible thing to say!
Date of the first A Study in Pink killingWhat d'you mean, there's no ruddy car?
The bankThere's a hole in our security...
Mycroft Holmes according to JimNot you, Junior, you're done.
Mycroft's solution to the Coventry conundrumCode name
Jennifer Wilson's email addressOh, look at you lot. You’re all so vacant. Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing.
Captain John Watson of the ___That's an order, Corporal.

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