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HintAnswerSome clarifications...
 Ship name
 Here's an easy one
 The most prevalent one
 Just the animal, not the meme
 You know it's true
 Please don't try Superwhoavengepotterlock
 Not a person
 Ship name
 Yes, that shirt
 So boring, isn't it?
 Ship name
 Not 'the God of Trolls'
 Lots of lovely ones
 Name for a fan theory
 His words exactly
 Ship name
HintAnswerSome clarifications...
 Goes with Sherlawk
 Series Three filming (now a bit of a meme)
 Creative parents
 Ship name
 Just the animal, not the meme
 No idea how this one came about
 Various names/variations
 It's an animal
 Or Bombadil Creamsicle
 Also an animal
 Not the real one
 Meme name
 His words exactly
 Meme name
 Reapersun meme name

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