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Chlamydomonas Nivalis is a cryophyllic algae that turns old snow what color?
In the military, JCS stands for what?
Which country is the setting for a film where Elvis Presley drives tanks at high speeds, blows up houses, and sings in nightclubs?
What is the name of the film in the above question?
Which band has a song with the line 'God bless Donald Duck' in the lyrics?
What is the name of the song in the above question?
The last ('international') issue of this Robert Crumb comics anthology featured a glass of water on the cover (the French phrase for 'glass of water' sounds like the English title)
Where did Horatio Nelson die?
In what year did Horatio Nelson die?
Name one of Madonna's two former spouses
Name another of Madonna's two former spouses
The Farad is named after this British Scientist
What is the Farad a measure of?
Name the longest-running TV show in terms of years
Name the longest-running TV show in terms of episodes
Name the pre-Civil War president who has two living grandchildren (yup)

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