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Aside from the Kardashians, another famous Californian with Armenian ancestry is this singer born in 1946...
...and this former California governor born in 1928
Henk Jonkers has invented a self-healing concrete that uses calcium lactate and what to generate calcium carbonate when the concrete cracks and is exposed to water?
Scientists at NOAA have recently discovered that the Opah fish shares this trait with mammals, and no other known fish.
Congressman Daniel Sickles was the first person to successfully use the insanity defense in the US for shooting to death his wife’s lover in 1859 in this Washington park.
True or false: it’s impossible to eat a slice of Wonder Bread in less than 30 seconds.
This olympic gold medalist downhill skier was born in Easton, NH in 1977.
Passing air through a small opening in a chamber that acts a Helmholz resonator is more commonly known as this.
You’ll find the acronym for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki on what item you likely own?
The closest sea to Washington DC is the…
Barbara Millicent Roberts is the full name of…

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