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A TV show starring John Goodman as one of four Republican senators sharing a residence (two words)
The Vice President of the US lives at number one this address (2 words)
Dungeons and Dragons is an example of these types of games (two words, one is hyphenated)
This is a type of medical doctor (one word)
The Nazi secret police was commonly known by this abbreviation (one word)
This adjective is used to describe a map with contour lines that depict elevation (one word)
Rights can be classified as legal or universal. The latter are sometimes referred to as this (one word)
This tool is widely used for assembling bicycles or IKEA furniture (two words)
This toy first appeared in 1960 and has been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame (3 words)
In the UK, the equivalent to the Secretary of the Treasury is called the Chancellor of the what? (one word)
Key that links the last part with the first part where c=repeated character and *=wild card character

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