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Can you answer the geography questions and guess the theme? (careful! read the game note!)

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This US state has the largest area east of the Mississippi and is named after an English Monarch
This UK constituent country is known for its lush green valleys that were rich sources of coal
This City is Morocco's largest
Helsingor is on the northeastern shore of the island of Zealand, which is part of this country
Huey Long was the 40th governor of which state?
This is the largest island in Hawaii (by population)
This NJ city is where the first recorded baseball game was played, and its waterfront is an integral part of the Port of NY and NJ
The Burma Railway, built in the early 1940s, connects Rangoon, Burma, with Bangkok, Thailand, and famously crosses this river.
Baldwin I, who was born in France in 1058, became king of this middle eastern city.
Lincoln Center is in this part of Manhattan
What do all these places have in common?

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