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Can you name the Waterloo Road characters (series 6)?

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Daughter of head teacherLinzey Cocker
A dj for clubs, loves moneyBen Ryan Davies
Best friend to a very ill girlDarcy Isa
A gossiper and a school secretaryChelsee Healey
His dad ran off with another lady his mum is the head teacherCeallach Spellman
Her sister killed her dadShannon Flynn
In one episode he cries by his sister's doorReece Douglas
Is in a relationship with Finn SharkyHolly Kenny
Big troublemaker and arrives after Sam diesKatie McGlynn
Had an affair with her best friends boyfriendRebecca Ryan
She has a twinHope Katana
She has a twinMillie Katana
His dad is the caretakerOliver Lee
Her mum had an affair with another pupil's dadAyesha Gwilt
his last name sounds like a deadly fishJack McMullen
He is good at street dancingGeorge Samson
Is not straightWilliam Rush
A bored English TeacherPhilip Martin Brown
A man who is stuggling as a maths teacherMark Benton
Dosent get on with the head teacherPoppy Jhakra
An english teacher who's son is JoshJason Dones
The head teacherAmanda Burton
The irish ex dinner lady Elaine Symons
Deputy headWilliam Ash
The caretakerRobson Green

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