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What is Fay's full name?
What is Roy's birthday?
What was Helen's Job when she went to New York City?
Alex kicked Brian out and broke up with him after he spends a wild night in what city?
Lowell's ex-wife's name
Who replaced Fay during her short lived retirement?
Lowell ends up leaving the airport all together to become part of the...
Who sunk Lowells house boat?
Because of this Lowell was forced to live with who?
When Helen gets back from New York, Lowell asks her if her car has always smelled like this...
Sandy Cooper, Joe's high school admirer returns to the island to torment Joe and recreates what high school event?
What color was Roy car?
What possession of his mothers did Joe give Helen for her birthday?
Lowell named his twins...
Antonio confused the lyrics of Michael Rode His Boat a Shore with what?
How long was Helen in New York City?
Alex appeared in which magazine?
Joe took care of Helen when she...
Helen was briefly married to who on the show?
While Lowell is living with Joe and Brian, they discover his talent for...
Joe and Brian do what for a guy they dont remember going to school with?
Joe's got Helen what gift for her birthday that is upscaled by Brians CD player?
What clothing item can Lowell not leave at home, insisting that it is lucky.
Where is Helen originally from?
What are Alex's nick names for Joe and Brian?
Roys 'dead' ex wifes name is...
Roy's son RJ, shows affection for who to pretend he isn't gay?
Carlton Blanchard broke his ankle at...
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