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What is the nickname most commonly given to James May?
Or as the Italians call him?
Which of the three has never technically been tired from anything?
When the Grand Tour came to England in season 1, where did they pitch the tent?
And when it came to Scotland?
Which of three claimed that 'drifting is for the unintelligent'?
In what year did Richard Hammond have the accident in the Vampire Dragster?
In what car did Richard Hammond crash while filming for the Grand Tour in 2017?
Which country was the crash in?
During the race across New Zealand, Jeremy had to change rental car due to a crash with what type of vehical?
What was the movie Jeremy and Richard made a chase scene for in series 18?
Which of the boys famously owns a Ferrari 458?
During the trio's last episode of Top Gear, who does the voice over in Jeremy's place?
When the boys raced from Wembley to San Siro, what was the football match that Richard Hammond went to watch?
When Jermey added a ramming bar to his ambulance. what did he claim to have created?
In the same episode, how many of the three ambulances delivered a patient to a hospital alive?
In the 80's hatchback episode, with what vehicle did Richard finish off James?
What does the TGPD stand for?
Who was the fastest ever F1 driver on Top Gear?
Which phone was mocked by the Stig being introduced as 'some say that if you hold him the wrong way, he doesn't work properly.'?
After which 2013 Grand Prix was the Stig introduced as 'Some say that, as a result of using Pirelli condoms this week, he now has, 17 childnre.'?
In which foreign language did the Stig listen to the Beegees?
Fill the gap: 'It's not the Stig's XXXXXX cousin, he's just the Stig'
What was the last country the Grand Tour tent went to in season 1 before setting up shop in the UK for future seasons?
What was the real name of Grand Tour racing driver 'The American'?
Who is the only guest in Top Gear history to set a time of over two minutes?
What is the fastest car to ever lap the Eboladrome?
Who set the time?
When James, Jeremy and Richard left, which car topped the Power Lap board?
Who had done the test on the track before the Stig set the lap?
Which car beat the lap time but wasn't allowed on the board as it isn't a road car?
Which celebrity set the fastest time in the Suzuki Liana?
What about in the Lacetti?
Who set the fastest time in the Kia, the fastest ever time in a reasonably priced car?
And in the Astra?
Who was due to go on and drive the Astra in the episode that Richard and James had to do alone after Jermey's exit?
In which country was the tent for the first ever episode of the Grand Tour?
At which track did they test the three cars in the first episode?
What was the two episode DVD series that Richard and Jeremy did between seasons of Top Gear called?
From which country do Jeremy and James have to rescue Richard with the aid of a watch signal?
Which car does Jeremy claim to be the best car in the World?
Which car does the Stig claim is the only one that holds a candle to it?
What does Jeremy claim he will change his name to if the Porsche 918 is faster than the McLaren P1?
Who comes up with the name 'Hovervan'?
When does the third season of GT come to Amazon?
Which car did Jeremy describe as a frog, causing sales to nosedive?
Who was originally on Top Gear instead of James May alongside RIchard and Jeremy?
Who is the fastest celebrity to lap the Eboladrome?
The Ferdinand GT3 RS was the only vehicle on the power lap board where the time wasn't set by the Stig. Who set it?
According to Clarkson, what do speed and power solve?

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