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What is the Wi-Fi password at Kamar-Taj?
What was the first film in the MCU?
How many possible futures did Doctor Strange for-see in Avengers: Infinity War?
What was the real name of the supposed Mandarin?
In Avengers Assemble, who is the last Avenger to appear on screen?
What is the name of Tony Stark's daughter?
Which is the only film not to feature an end credits scene?
Who registers the most kills in the MCU?
Which year do the Avengers travel back to in order to retrieve the infinity stones initially?
After the battle of New York, where does Tony Stark take the Avengers to eat?
In which film is the infinity stone idea first explained?
Which of the six Infinity Stones does Thanos never actually use?
Who created Ultron?
Whose side was Wanda Maximoff on in Civil War?
What was the name of the first villain of the MCU from Iron Man I?
Which actor plays Thor?
What name does Drax give to Doctor Strange's cloak?
Who was the villain in Black Panther?
Which of Thanos' children is a sorcerer?
Aside from Guardians of the Galaxy, which other MCU film does Ronan the Accuser appear in?
Thanos first appeared in which movie?
T'Challa becomes king of which fictional country after the death of his father King T'Chaka?
Which character is played by Josh Brolin in the MCU?
What is the project title of the super soldier experiment that produced Captain America?
Who is the richest character in the MCU?
Who is the one armed South African weapons dealer who is shot dead in Black Panther?
How many films have had the title 'Avengers'?
Who was the first character to be dusted at the end of Avengers Infinity War?
Who masters the art of standing so incredibly still, they are invisible to the naked eye?
Who was the first Avenger to kill Thanos?
What year is the main bulk of Avengers: Endgame set in?
What is the real name of Quicksilver?
How many movies, including Far From Home, has Tom Holland appeared in as Peter Parker?
What was the final version of the Iron Man armor?
What is technically Loki's home world?
Name the planet from which the Soul Stone must be retrieved.
Having been released from prison, where does Scott Lang go to work before becoming Ant-man?
Name the fictional country Ultron attempted to destroy the world from.
What was the name of the virus AIM used for their super soldiers?
Loki wields two infinity stones at a time in Avengers Assemble. One of them is the space stone, what is the other one?
Which LEGO set do Ned and Peter build in Spiderman: Homecoming
Who is the first character to mention the word Endgame in the MCU?
How many different characters wield more than one infinity stone at one time?
What is the name of the metal which is found most commonly in Wakanda, used to make Captain America's shield?
Which city do Vision and Wanda go to before the events of Infinity War?
Who was the mad Hydra goon who created Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?
What is the name of the rock creature Thor comes across in the Grandmasters prisons in Thor: Ragnarok?
What is the name of the planet on which Quill initially tries to sell the orb, later decimated by Thanos?
What device does Kraglin give Quill after Yondu passes away in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2?
What is the name of Iron Man's Mark 44 suit
What new alias did Clint Barton assume after the first snap?
What was the name of the evil organisation which spread through S.H.I.E.L.D?

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