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Can you name the children's show that promotes this insidious corruption of traditional American values?

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IdeologyChildren's Show
Acceptance of bilingualism and illegal immigrants
Promotion of communism - 'working together' = 'happiness
Acceptance of homosexuals - the flamboyantly gay creature lives with his pink friend
Animals are intelligent and lead humans on in wild goose chases
People of different colors can get along
Poster couple for homosexuals, and the ultimate 'big brother'
Sympathies for underpaid, unionized, laborers
Big... Red... need I say more?
Creepy old guy breaks down family values
Promotes ritualistic, pagan ideologies to escape to a 'better land'
Personification of technology and false confidence
Empowers infants to defy their parents
Promotes use of addictive substances as motivation for pagan beliefs in 'ghosts', 'zombies', and other nonsense
Teacher exercises inordinate amount of power over innocent youths
Earth provides safe haven for aliens, who bring criminal aliens along with them
Promotes elitist, exclusive arts societies
Concentrates ultimate power into the hands a few elite members of society
Supports the integration of men and women in cooperative teams
Rejection and ridicule of hunters, and promotion of animal rights
Lonely adult male leads young boy around city in tights, promoting homosexual tendencies
Glorifies 'youth in revolt'
Single person dominates theme and name of show
Even women that look like pigs have redeeming values
Main character pursues passive-aggressive stance towards bullies
Bases of entertainment are ideas surrounding false theories of evolution
IdeologyChildren's Show
Advances in aviation technology replace American jobs
Bears are kind, loving creatures instead of the vicious monsters we know them t be
Glorifies vegetables' historic roles, instead of their service as food for livestock
National defense represented by aliens rather than true, patriotic, citizens
Named heroic characters after foreign, possible homosexual, flamboyant, artists
Oversimplification of Hawaiian culture and sports hoodlums
Stupid children slow down child inventor's development
Child with birth defect (abnormally shaped head) is focus of show
Three small girls serve as sole defense of city
Creates familiarity with aliens, and comfort in their inability to conquer the Earth, causing false confidence in the face of an imminent threat
Children play with dangerous chemicals
Grants kids hopes of escape from miserable life through fairies
Glorifies paleolithic society and opposes scientific advancement
Robots serve as manual labor in distant future
Cross breeding and violation of natural order
Engineered semi-human becomes savior
Attempts to communicate with animals and acceptance of their intelligence and equal rights
Child defies parent's traditions, and relies on mystical, ghostly, powers
Accepts retarded member of society and con artist
Japanese man is only hope against evil
Promotes acceptance of illegal aliens, and not just the ones from Mexico
Promotes use of stimulants in NASCAR-style sports
Portrays ghosts as both real and gentle
Children make a deal with death
Hero is a spineless wretch

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