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Forced Order
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Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to which other game?
Which class has the highest overall stats at thier starting level?
The hand axe is the stating weapon for which class?
Which starting class has the highest dexterity at their starting level?
What is the starting spell for the sorcerer class?
Who gives you the Estus flask
The Knight and Cleric class are pre-aligned to which covenant?
Who can be summoned to help fight the Moonlight Butterfly?
Which merchant is sitting outside the entrance to Blighttown?
Who is the Fire keeper of the Firelink shrine bonfire?
Who kills her?
What key is needed to free him from his cell in the Undead Parish? (asuming you dont have the master key)
What is the name of the healer in the New Londo Ruins who can remove curses?
What enimies can inflict curse?
What is the name of the blacksmith in the Catacombs
Which dark spirit invades your world whilst in the swamp at the bottom of Blighttown?
She is also summonable before fighting which boss?
Which phantom invades your world the most (three times)?
Firstly in this area...
...then again in...
...and finally in?
What is the maximum number of bosses that can be defeated in a single playthorugh? (Not including DLC)
What is the minimum number of bosses that be defeated to complete a single playthrough? (Without using cheats or exploits)
What item is in your cell when you return to the Undead Asylum?
What area does this item allow you to enter?
The Undead Dragon in this area is guarding what item?
Who drops the Leo ring?
Which bosses soul can be used to create the most weapons?
Who is the first boss you see? (although you cant fight for sometime)
The souls of which boss can be used to create the Dragon Bone Fist?
Which boss drops the key to The Depths?
Seath the Scaleless suffers from what disability?
What weapon is dropped by the Asylum Demon if he is defeated the first time you encounter him?
What is the name of the three shot crossbow?
What armor set is Ceaseless Discharge guarding
Which non-hostile NPC can be seen wearing this armor set?
Who is the only covenant master that can be killed without breaking the covenant?
Which covenant is based in the ash lake?
Who is the fair lady's attendent?
Who is the first knight of sunlight you encounter?
Killing which character (although they're only an illusion)causes Anor Londo to go dark?
Which character's bodyguard drops the Dark Wood Grain ring?
Which ember is found in the Tomb of the Giants?
What is the name of the red dragon guarding the bridge to the Altar of Sunlight in the Undead Burg?
What weapon is added to your inventory after dealing enough damage to its tail?
Which item allows you to view a list of players who have sinned?
Which item allows you to report a player who has sinned?
Which charcter sells both of these items?
Two rings are not carried through on new game plus, What are they? (The one dropped by the centipede demon)
And the one dropped by the Great Grey Wolf Sif?
What other ring is also available in this area?
Who is the games final boss?

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