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You might not've seen someone die to these, but they exist nonetheless!

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These guard Esben once he's been weakened.
These guard Esben at the beginning of the fight.
These little guys float all around the Grand Sphinx.
Nothing more than a punching bag... Hit them for loot!
You definitely know the Cube God, maybe you know the Cube Overseer; but what's the yellow cube called?
The LoD Dragons are called different things between Hard and Normal mode. What's Limoz's Normal Mode name?
Commonly known as 'Cool Ranch Doritos' what are the swirling blue things in Ice Cave actually called?
What are the light blue sprites called?
What are the ninja-like minions Oryx summons called?
What are the eye tiles in Oryx's castle called?
What's the large purple & pink creature in the Forbidden Jungle called?
What are the creatures on the four sides of Thessal's room called?
What are the tiny fish enemies in Davy Jones' Locker called?
Name any one of the enemies in the Cave of a Thousand Treasures; except the boss.
What word is attached to the denizens of the Battle for the Nexus names?
What are either of Janus' 'keys' called?

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