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At the wedding, Brennan says he doesn't want what dish?
Nancy mixes ketchup and mayonnaise and creates what?
What song is sung by Derek's family in their car ride to the new family home?
What does Dale always do when he is sleep walking?
What program are the boys watching when the Robert shuts the TV off?
At the dinner table, what name does Brennan mistakingly call Robert Doback?
What level of belt in Kung-fu has Brennan achieved?
Which star signed Brennas samurai sword?
What star makes a cameo as the Sporting Goods Manager, when Dale and Brennan are interviewing for jobs?
Why does Dale say he is upset with the amount of money his dad leaves him for food?
According to Dale, what is Brennan nicknamed because of his amazing singing voice?
Which of Dale's possessions is Brennan not allowed to touch?
What does Brennan reply when asked why he is sweating. I was watching...
What does Dale tell Brennan to call him?
What did Robert Doback imagine he was when he was younger?

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