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Minor league baseball team
Everyone snuck in there
First High School in Salem
'Pasture park'
Major North Salem street
Fancy Italian restaurant
Not Five Guys
The far-away Regal theater
The music store no one goes to
Major South Salem street
Polarizing Asian restaurant
Center of Salem
Salvation Army Community Center (has a pool)
The government
Local record store
Known for stabbings and gang activity
Country club
Makes great pies
Japanese soy sauce company in Salem
Community college
Yearly event about world cultures
Historical mall
They have amazing cakes
Library (this one should be obvious)
Popular swimming hole
Amusement park
Consignment store
Popular breakfast place
Dying mall
Bus service
Keizer bowling
Where the carousel is located
Name of the Riverboat
Downtown cafe
Popular theater group
Library, except West
Music store
Downtown 'barcade'
Of all high schools, does the most cocaine
Second run theater
Mayor of Salem
Orchards owned by the Zielinski family
Garbage comic-con
Comic book and hobby shop
Where delinquents go to school
Popular coffee shop with live music
The only celebrity from Salem
State st. restaurant
21 and up movie theater
Children's museum spanning three victorian houses
Napoleon Dynamite went here
Private college originally named the 'Phoenix Bible College'
Major Keizer street
50's diner restaurants
OSU camgirl went here
Salem Newspaper
Oregon State Fair location
Keizer shopping
Also known as 'Mission Mill'
Large dog park
The Keizer school
Historic downtown theater
Historic Salem home
Downtown Art Museum

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