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Who was the unpopular regent for Alexander III?
Scotland annexed the Western Isles after the Battle of Largs in which year?
Which treaty of 1266 officially saw the transfer of the Western Isles to Scotland?
King Alexander also invaded where in 1264?
In 1192, the Scottish bishops appealed to Rome and the Pope granted them special status and named the Scottish church the:
Which Abbey was the necropolis of the House of Canmore?
Where did Alexander III die?
Six men were given what title to rule in the stead of the young Maid of Norway?
The period during which Edward I chose Scotland's new King became known as what?
Of all the claimants to the throne in 1290, 3 men had serious claim. They were John Balliol, Robert Bruce and whom?
Balliol's claim was through primogeniture but what was Bruce's claim?
In which year did Edward choose Balliol as King?
The three main claimants were descended from whom?
What was the name of the treaty that was a marriage contract between Margaret, Maid of Norway and Prince Edward of England?
Which treaty negotiated Margaret's travel to Scotland?

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