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Can you name the Twin Peaks characters?

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Kyle MacLachlan, FBI agent
Miguel Ferrer, FBI forensics specialist
David Lynch, FBI regional bureau chief
David Duchovny, cross-dressing FBI agent
Michael Ontkean, Twin Peaks sheriff
Harry Goaz, Twin Peaks deputy
Michael Horse, Native American Twin Peaks deputy
Kimmy Robertson, receptionist
Sheryl Lee, murdered at start of series
Ray Wise, father of Sheryl Lee's character
Grace Zabriskie, mother of Sheryl Lee's character
Sheryl Lee, cousin to other character played by Lee
Warren Frost, town doctor
Mary Jo Deschanel, wife of town doctor
Lara Flynn Boyle, daughter of town doctor
Richard Beymer, owns Great Northern Hotel
David Patrick Kelly, brother of Beymer's character
Jan D'Arcy, wife of Beymer's character
Sherilyn Fenn, daughter of Beymer's character
Robert Bauer, mentally handicapped son of Beymer's character
Joan Chen, widowed sawmill owner
Dan O'Herlihy, late owner of sawmill
Piper Laurie, sister of sawmill owner
Jack Nance, brother-in-law of sawmill owner
Don S. Davis, Air Force officer
Charlotte Stewart, wife of Air Force officer
Dana Ashbrook, son of Air Force officer
Everett McGill, owner of Big Ed's Gas Farm
Wendy Robie, wife of Big Ed's Gas Farm owner
James Marshall, nephew of Big Ed's Gas Farm owner
Peggy Lipton, waitress at R&R
Chris Mulkey, paroled husband of R&R waitress
Heather Graham, younger sister of R&R waitress
Eric Da Re, trucker, drug-runner, and abusive husband
Madchen Amick, waitress at R&R, wife of trucker
Walter Olkewicz, drug-runner, bartender at Roadhouse
Michael Parks, dangerous brother of Roadhouse bartender
Victoria Catlin, owner of One Eyed Jack's
Phoebe Augustine, would-be victim of killer
Russ Tamblyn, eccentric local psychiatrist
Gary Hershberger, best friend of Air Force officer's son
Catherine E. Coulson, carries around a piece of wood
Lenny Von Dohlen, receives Meals on Wheels, horticulturist
Ian Buchanan, lover of sheriff's receptionist
Hank Worden, works in the Great Northern, no official name
John Boylan, in charge of Twin Peaks
Robyn Lively, lover of person in charge of Twin Peaks, seductress
Annette McCarthy, rich woman, abused by husband
David Warner, former business partner of late sawmill owner
Kenneth Welsh, psychotic ex-partner of primary FBI agent
Billy Zane, falls in love with Great Northern's owner's daughter
Michael J. Anderson, speaks backwards in a red room
Al Strobel, one-armed man OR the spirit that possesses him
Frank Silva, killer spirit
Carel Struycken, large supernatural being

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