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StateCharacterCategory and Hint
MaineLegend - His big blue ox might be this state's #2 fictional character
IllinoisMovies - Everyone needs a day off now and again
OregonLiterature - Otherwise known as [herself] the Great
CaliforniaMovies - He really wants to tell Doc about the future
FloridaMovies - All the animals love his rendition of 'O sole mio'
LouisianaMovies - Tyler Perry's cash cow
OhioMovies - Don't fall asleep or he'll kill you in your dreams
NebraskaLiterature/Movies - In the book, he and his hot air balloon came from Omaha. In the movie, he was from Kansas.
New YorkToys - She's been living in her dream home since the 50's
VermontMovies - [Axe through door] - 'Here's [Jack Nicholson]'
WisconsinTelevision - Ashton Kutcher, a few decades ago
ConnecticutMovies - If you say his name 3 times, Michael Keaton appears
New MexicoTelevision - Everyone's favorite meth dealer
OklahomaComics - Garry Trudeau
ArkansasMovies - Spoiler alert: They go over the cliff
MissouriLiterature - A boy who attended his own funeral
WashingtonTelevision - He's listening
New JerseyMovies - Born in Princeton, NJ, his archeological work was funded by Marshall College
KansasLiterature/Movies - In the book AND the movie, she was from Kansas
HawaiiTelevision - The Skipper's little buddy
New HampshireTelevision - Adam Sandler inherits Blake Media
MinnesotaComics - Good grief!
Washington, D.C.Television - Kramer once appeared on her show in a famous Seinfeld episode
PennsylvaniaMovies - Gonna fly now!
TexasTelevision - FIRE! FIRE! That was cool.
ArizonaMovies - Sylvester Stallone as a US Army Special Forces soldier
South DakotaVideo Games - Assassin's Creed
North DakotaLiterature - His home is in West Egg, old sport
GeorgiaTelevision - She wears shorts that were named after her
DelawareMovies - Rule #1: You don't talk about Brad Pitt
VirginiaMovies - An FBI agent who interviewed a well-known cannibal
IowaMovies/Television - KHAAAAANN!!!
MassachusettsTelevision - He sits in a place where everybody knows his name
Rhode IslandTelevision - Have you heard about the bird?
MichiganMovies - Superhuman policeman who protects Detroit
WyomingTelevision - Apparently, Jellystone Park is in Wyoming
UtahTelevision - Hopefully, the ACME corporation is also in Utah, or he's going to spend a fortune on mail-order bird traps
MontanaMovies - Laura Dern in Jurassic Park
IdahoMovies - Definitely voted for Pedro
ColoradoTelevision - Respect his authoritah
MarylandLiterature - Tom Clancy character
West VirginiaTelevision - She kept Andy and Opie grounded
IndianaComics - How old IS this cat, anyway?
MississippiComics - An ex-villain who later joined the X-Men
KentuckyTelevision/Comics - Post-coma zombie battler
AlaskaTelevision - One of Woody Woodpecker's '… and friends' friends
NevadaTelevision - Mark Boone, Jr. on Sons of Anarchy
North CarolinaTelevision - He worked with Opie's dad, Andy
AlabamaMovies - If you're sitting next to him waiting for a bus, don't let him get started on his life story. You'll be there for a while.
TennesseeTelevision - Miley, long before she came in like a wrecking ball
South CarolinaTelevision - House of Cards

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