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Can you name the TV shows that have a pattern to their episode names?

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All, or almost all, episode titles...ShowYears on Air and Example Episode
contain the word 'red', a synonym of 'red' , or a red object(2008- ) Crimson Casanova
are Stephen Sondheim song titles or lyrics(2004- ) Who's That Woman?
have the form 'The [victim] in/on the [location found]' (2005- ) The Santa in the Slush
begin with 'The One With...' or 'The One Where'(1994-2004) The One With the Embryos
are in Hawaiian(2010- ) Oia'i'o (Trust)
begin with 'Mr. Monk'...(2002-2009) Mr. Monk and the Critic
begin with 'The', followed by a very short phrase(1989-1998) The Heart Attack
are sequentially named 'Chapter One', 'Chapter Two'...(2000-2004) Chapter Eighty-One
include the word 'Steele'(1982-1987) In the Steele of the Night
include only day and time(2001-2010) Day 2: 5:00 P.M.-6:00P.M.
begin with 'The Big ...'(1951-1959) The Big Gangster
are of the form 'My ____' (occasionally: 'her, his or our')(2001-2010) My Bad; Our Role Models
are one word long in Season 1, two words in Season 2, etc.(1997-2001) Brainwash -OR- (2009- ) Double Jeopardy
are plays on movie titles(2007- ) The Blair Bitch Project
follow the format 'Chuck vs. _____'(2007- ) Chuck vs. the Helicopter
begin with a lower-case 'i'(2007- ) iGet Detention
use the form 'The _______ Affair'(1964-1968) The THRUSH Roulette Affair
begin with 'Everybody Hates ...'(2005-2009) Everybody Hates PSAT's
begin with 'The Tale of (the) ...'(1992-2000) The Tale of the Phantom Cab
tend to end using scientific-sounding terms(2007- ) The Hamburger Postulate
include the name 'Dick'(1996-2001) Dick Soup for the Soul
are the names of songs(2005- ) A Hard Day's Night
begin with 'The Case of the...'(1957-1966) The Case of the Lazy Lover
are one word only(2001-2011) Lexmas -OR- (1999-) Taboo
have the form ' The _______ Family'(2004- ) The Harrison Family

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