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Can you name the saints by the iconographic attributes of their martyrdom?

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1One of many versions of his death is that he was sawn in half, so his iconographic attribute is a saw.
2After being beheaded, he carried his head for miles, still preaching the gospel.
3Sentenced to be tortured and killed on the wheel, tradition has her beheaded when the wheel flew apart at her touch.
4Usually depicted as tied to a stake and shot with arrows, he actually recovered and was clubbed to death.
5Both were condemned to die in an arena with a fierce cow, but were 'mercifully' spared and beheaded.
6Though most likely crucified on a Roman cross like Jesus, legend says he felt unworthy of it and chose this style.
7One tradition has him flayed, burned and beheaded. In art his symbol is a flaying knife, and he often holds his own skin.

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