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Can you name the countries which have been answers to Sporcle quizzes least often?

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HintCountryRegion/# times used
It made the 'Vegetable Producers' quiz for okra and yamsAfrica (13)
This country does not lie on the equatorAfrica (13)
Their monetary unit, the ouguiya, equals 5 khoums, making it one of two non-decimal currencies in the world. Africa (13)
Has the world's lowest urbanization rate (or highest deurbanization rate) at -1.5%Europe (13)
Its capital is included in the country nameAfrica (13)
If you were here, you'd shake your head for 'yes' and nod for 'no'Europe (13)
One of the world's earliest hydroelectric plants (1895) was built here on Krka FallsEurope (13)
Has highest 'low point' of any country, at 1400mAfrica (13)
Of its roughly 13,000 native plants, 90% are found nowhere elseAfrica (13)
Though poor, its people value hospitality, or TerangaAfrica (13)
Has the world's most unequal income distributionAfrica (13)
Chris Daugherty outwitted, outplayed and outlasted 17 others hereOceania (13)
Site of the Phoenician colony of CarthageAfrica (12)
HintCountryRegion/# times used
Missed a mention in Olympic Host Countries: it wasn't yet independentEurope (12)
This country was a popular route for those on their way to find gold in CaliforniaN. Am. (12)
Now the size of Vermont, it was once part of a larger kingdom that conquered a great empireEurope (12)
It still has a significant population of its national symbol, the golden eagle.Europe (12)
Second only to Angola in highest infant mortality rateAfrica (12)
This island chain is a popular tourist destinationN. Am. (12)
It has a gap in the Pan-American Hwy.N. Am. (12)
Unlike nearby countries, it won independence after only a 10-day war Europe (12)
It has half a point because 4 yrs ago it was only half a countryEurope (11.5)
Only Vietnam and Nigeria have higher deforestation ratesAsia (11)
If you want to get technical, this country's name translates as 'East East'Asia (11)
In 2005 it was first to announce a plan to protect its entire coastal environmentAfrica (11)
Smallest country on the continent of AfricaAfrica (10)

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