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Can you name the skin flaws typical of these Halloween characters?

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Hint4-letter word
✖ For Frankenstein, you'd need more than one.
Joust verbally
A little quarrel
✖ For Lady Macbeth, cover hands in blood and try to rub away that damn ____.
Santa's suit stainer
In a minute
Big help; blessing
Brought into the world
✖ Freddy Kruger make-up needs a large ____ .
Go left, say
Small glacial lake
Like a lemon
✖ For a classic witch, put a ____ on the side of your nose.
Herbaceous plant
Had on, as clothes
Hint4-letter word
Oliver's plea
✖ Or, give your witch a big, hairy ____.
Santa's home
Source of sweat
Pig on a plate
✖ To dress up as Machete, you'll want to fill your face with ____ marks.
A hair whorl or cow____
They cause itchy scalps
✖ Darth Maul's face usually has a long ____ drawn down the forehead and nose.
Cabernet or Merlot
Send via Western Union
Yorkshire river
Hundred _____ Wood
✖ If you're uninspired, you could always just go as a standard teen-ager. Make sure you have this, though.

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