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Updated Jun 14, 2012

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hint4-letter word
~ Common shorebird ~
Bile; something bitter
Cinderella's big event
Empty a flooding boat
~ Hobos ride this ~
Foray to the fridge
Lose traction on wet pavement
Largest human organ
Last cycle on a washer
Extend across a river
~ Long-necked, graceful swimmer ~
Moved through water
Close a door in anger
Cabbage salad
Fido's fingernail
Crop; holding place for a bird's meal
~ Common black bird prone to West Nile Virus ~
Trim a photo
Home for chickens
Relative of Inc. and Ltd.
Vegetable found in ears
Desolate or forsaken
~ Water bird with a distinctive call ~
Bankrobbers' take
~ Birds of the rail family that favor open water ~
Prepare hot food
~ Male chicken ~
Moor a boat
hint4-letter word
~ Donald or Daisy ~
The Irish have it
~ Shelley wrote an Ode to this Blithe Spirit ~
~ Avian symbol of militancy ~
Short, dry cough
Pair of antlers
Speed contest
Rant's partner
~ Avian symbol of peace ~
Lavish affection on
February 23, e.g.
The Duchess of Cambridge
~ One type of this raptor eats only snails ~
Web location
Trig function
What a stitch in time saves
~ Hawaii's state bird ~
Unit of heredity
Richard of 'Chicago'
The seed of an idea
Semester or Quarter
~ Another shorebird ~
Sulky age
Not now, but _____
One of the five 'W's'
~ Architect of London's St. Paul's ~

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