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Forced Order
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Arguments based on logical terms and the conclusions by definition are true
The greatest happiness for the greatest number
The two Christian views on Environmental Ethics
The belief that all effects have causes
The belief that the universe shows evidence of design
The Golden rule
True by observation
The belief that God is 'that than which no greater can be conceived'
Arguments where a conclusion is drawn solely from the evidence
The theory popularised by Karl Marx
Necessary (Latin)
In the mind
The moral code followed by all beings
In reality
Arguments which work based on definitions and lead to only one possible conclusion
Spiritual, transcendent
Concrete, physical, describable
Assertions in an argument used to draw a conclusion
True by definition
A being that just exists
A being whose existence relies on factors
Arguments which are logical but which come to more than one possible conclusion
The quality of being uncaused
Reduction to absurdity
Moral decisions are based on the circumstances
Putting 'God' where we don't know the real answer yet

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