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Cultural diversity is one, tikoy, lucky charms, lion dance and dragon dance are found there, wishing for good luck everywhere. Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz
The former financial district, flourished and destroyed but recovered, the landmarks placed here.Rizal Park
Areas that tasted colonialism, heritage seen through the walls.Manila Cathedral
The nightlife district, once the place where the famous and glamorous gathered, but still flourishing.Rajah Sulayman Park
Once called the Yellow Park, for the Japanese immigrated during the colonial era to this area.Plaza Dilao
Baltazar met Selya here in the Pasig, but years later gasoline was kept here.Oil Depot
The place where the galleons went, battleships seen, but now it is still a major port.Manila Bay
Major places of worship found here, tying reconciliation for the two.Quiapo Church and Green Mosque
Named after the tamarind trees that used to grow, neighbouring universities are all around.University Belt
Land area is small, devastated after war but residences many.Singalong St.
Still part of the university belt, the government headquarters together with a famous distiller company was founded hereMalacanang Palace
A lost jewel, the area has kept its old colonial houses, wishing that it could last for long.Colonial Houses
Namayan used to stand here, colonial structures remain.Herran St. and Plaza Calderon
Another part of heritage, also with those cultural and diverse entities.Carriedo
The table was once part of the place called tamarind.Other universities
The former Kingdom of Lakan Dula, now home of the impoverished, but this was also the place where the famous came.Tutuban and Tayuman

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