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Can you name the modern day countries MLB players have been born in

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Jeff Bronkey
Grant Balfour, Dave Nilsson
Joe Hovlik, Kurt Krieger
Andre Rodgers, Ed Armbrister
Brian Lesher
Chito Martinez
Yan Gomes, Paulo Orlando
Ferguson Jenkins, Justin Morneau
Harry Kingman
Edgar Renteria, Julio Teheran
Minnie Minoso, Yasiel Puig
Hugo Bezdek, Carl Linhart
Olaf Henriksen
Juan Marichal, David Ortiz
John Michaelson
Charlie Lea, Bruce Bochy
Edwin Jackson, Glenn Hubbard
Al Campanis
Gerald Young
Tom Mastny
Patsy Donovan, Jack Doyle
Reno Bertoia, Marino Pieretti
Chili Davis, Devon White
Ichiro Suzuki, Hideki Matsui
Joe Zapustas, Dovydas Neverauskas
Fernando Valenzuela, Vinny Castilla
Andruw Jones, Didi Gregorius
Dennis Martinez, Evereth Cabrera
John Anderson, Arndt Jorgens
Rod Carew, Mariano Rivera
Bobby Chouinard
Elmer Valo, Moe Drabowsky
Eddie Ainsmith, Jake Gettman
Craig Stansberry, Alex Wilson
Robin Jennings
Jack Quinn
Gift Ngoepe
Shin-Soo Choo, Chan Ho Park
Al Pardo, Bryan Oelkers
Eric Erickson, Axel Lindstrom
Otto Hess
Hong-Chi Kuo, Chien-Ming Wang
Bobby Thomson, Jimmy Austin
Babe Ruth, Willie Mays
Luis Aparicio, Miguel Cabrera
Danny Graves

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