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QUIZ: Can you name the 50 Greatest Independent American Films according to Empire Online?

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Martin Scorsese1973
Quentin Tarantino1992
Richard Kelly2001
James Cameron1984
Sam Raimi1987
John Cassevetes1959
Spike Lee1986
George A. Romero1968
Joel and Ethan Coen1984
Sofia Coppola2003
Abei Ferrara1992
Steven Soderbergh1989
David Lynch1977
Christopher Nolan2000
Sam Raimi1981
Jim Jarmusch1984
Richard Linklater1991
Melvin Van Peebles1971
Kevin Smith1994
Gus Van Zant1989
John Sayles1987
Darren Aronofsky1998
John Sayles1996
George Lucas1971
David Lynch1986
Dennis Hopper1969
Robert Altman1993
Bryan Singer1995
Charles Burnett1977
Andrei Konchalovsky1985
Spike Jonze1999
George Armitage1997
Todd Solondz1998
Monte Hellman1971
Richard Linklater1993
John Carpenter1974
Todd Haynes1991
Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris2006
Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez1999
Tobe Hooper1974
David Twohy2000
Darren Aronofsky2010
Deborah Granik2010
Jim Jarmusch1999
Neil LaBute1997
Jason Reitman2007
Vincenzo Natali1997
Alex Holdrige2008
Doug Liman1996
Darren Aronofsky2008

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