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Name OriginElement
From Latin for 'Lime'
From Greek for 'Artificial,' because it was the first element to be predominantly made artificially
From Latin for 'Coal'
From the ruby color of its flame
After the Roman god of trade, profit and commerce, known for his speed
From Greek for 'Water Former'
After the son of Zeus
After the Indigo color found in its spectrum
After a German River
From Greek for 'Stone'
From Latin for 'Earth'
After the Norse goddess of beauty and fertility
From Greek for 'Foreign'
First elemend named after a living person, the Chief of Staff (Colonel) of the Russian Corps of Mining Engineers in 1845–1861
From Greek for 'Sun'
After the capital of Sweden
From German for 'Goblin'
After France
After Marie Curie's native land
From Greek for 'To Become Pale'
After the Norse god of Thunder
Name OriginElement
After Cyprus, where it was originally mined
After the 7th Planet
After the university of its discovery
From Latin for 'to Flow'
In honor of the founder of the Periodic Table
After the messenger of the Olympian gods
After the Scandanavian Countries
In honor of the inventor of the cyclotron
After the location of the the location of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, in Russia
Greek reference to Venus, the 'Morning Star'
After race of powerful men that ruled during the legendary Golden Age, acording to Greek Mythology
From Greek for 'Rose'
After the old name for France
From Greek for 'New One'
From the Spanish term platina del Pinto, 'little silver of the Pinto River.'
From Greek for 'Inactive'
After the capital of Denmark
After Germany
From Greek for 'Pale Green'
From Greek for 'Color,' because many of its compounds are colored
From Greek for 'Moon'

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