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When the overall level of prices in the economy is rising
The change in total utility that results from consuming the next unit of a good or service
Ability of one country to produce a good at a lower opportunity cost than another country
The market value of all final goods and services made within the borders of a country in a year
An industry with only a few firms
Machines, factories, and infrastructure used to produce output
A measure of happiness that economists suppose people use to compare all possible things that they may experience
The total demand for goods and services in an economy
A cost or benefit that falls not on the person(s) directly involved in an activity, but on others
A description of how different workers within firms perform different tasks
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' market basket used to measure changes in the prices of goods and services bought by a typical family of four
Ability of one country to produce more of one good than others, using the same amount of resources
A situation where numerous small firms producing identical products compete against each other in a given industry
Situations in which either the buyer or the seller knows more about the quality of the good that they're negotiating over than does the other party
A line on a graph that represents how much of a good or service sellers will produce at various prices
A group of firms that colludes and acts as a single coordinated whole to restrict output and drive up prices;formerly called trusts
A firm that coordinates and controls production operations in more than one country
Costs that have to be paid even if a firm isn't producing anything
The total supply of goods and services in an economy
A line on a graph that represents how much of a good or service buyers will consume at various prices
Using changes in the money supply to change interest rates in order to stimulate or slow down economic activity
Periods of time in a business cycle during which an economy's total output falls
A situation where each additional unit of a good or service that you consume brings less utility than the previous unit
A measurement of foreign ownership of productive assets, in which foreign management, ownership, or legal control is involved
Adam Smith's famous idea that when constrained by competition, each firm's greed causes it to act in a socially optimal way, as if guided to do the right thing
Costs that vary with the amount of output produced
When the overall level of prices in the economy is falling
Ratio of the price a country receives for its export commodity to the price it pays for its import commodity
The value of the next best alternative thing you could have done
A decrease in the economy's stock of capital caused by wear and tear or obsolescence
An economic model of markets that separates buyers from sellers and then summarizes each group's behavior with a single line on a graph
A market intervention in which the government ensures that the price of a good or service stays below the free market price
The fact that we don't have enough resources to satisfy all our wants
The amount by which total surplus is reduced whenever output is less than the socially optimal output level
If a resource is open to public use, it typically becomes rapidly exhausted or ruined because each person's personal incentive is to use it up before anyone else can
A situation where each additional amount of resource used in a production process brings forth successively smaller amounts of output
Sinusoidal cycles in the capitalist world economy measuring periods of sectoral growth
The comparison of how much currency would be needed to buy two equal baskets of goods
A government's policy on taxes and spending
A firm that has no competitors in its industry
Good or services that can't be profitably produced by private firms because they are impossible to provide to just one person

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