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'But you of all people should know, there's plenty wrong with me'
'Perhaps you should of considered a bigger belt sir?'
'You knew it would not kill me!'
'Dammit, i think he's broke my blood arm!'
'Screw justice!!!'
'I think i broke a nail back there'
'I will break you american'
'born on a Monday!'
'Password, Wayne'
'millionaires so last year'
'What are you up to?'
'Welcome to the madhouse, Batman'
'I'm coming handsome'
'Me and Mr J are gonna get married'
'I help people'
'It was a birthday gift'
'We all know you'll still save me'
'He should be considered costumed and dangerous'
'For hurting my babies'
'Why did he do it officer, why?'
'Go easy on him Tom
'I will fold you like paper'
'And at the end of fear, oblivion'
'Heads or tails, kittty cat'
'You should have killed me'
'Aren't you going to drink your tea?'
'Prisoner 4011 is in the courthouse'
'You thinking im taking advice from a guy that's never even been in a fight!'
'Thirty days has November. April, June, and September.'
'That's horrible. How could you joke about that'

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