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Batman's real identity?
Catwoman's real identity?
Robin's real identity?
Two face's starting base?
Penguin is a?
Penguin monocle is what?
What makes you smile when you die?
Who is Jonathan Crane?
What turns Bane into Bane?
Whose babies do you hurt?
Who comforts and defends a young Bruce Wayne after the recent death of his parents?
Bruce's childhood friend gone wrong?
The tea maker in Arkham City?
Who is Edward Nigma?
Harleys toy boy?
Joker's ventriloquist's toy?
Counting the months?
Helping people to the point?
Undercover officer also a famous singer
Doctor kidnapped from Gotham?
Cold woman?
Protector of the people with value?
Arkham's founder?
A killer attracted to light?
Never judge a book by its colour?
Guard employed by evil?
Former doctor at Arkham Asylum?
Lives in the tallest part of Arkham city?
Must be kept at sub-zero temperatures?
Large and fell of a wall?

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