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You probably never saw this, but think 'Aurora Borealis'1997
Some kids find a mummy, he listens to All By Myelf1997
Opposite: Me Unfortunate Cat (don't really remember this one, but you may confuse it with The Shaggy Dog)1998
Soul Skaters vs. X-Bladz... Skate Better!1998
Girl finds out she's a witch...lights jack-o-lantern...saves 'town'1998
Zetus lupetus! I'm gonna be stuck on Earth and miss the Proto Zoa concert!1999
Nerdy kid has no friends so he contacts some aliens (and opens one of these)1999
Good swimmer notices some weird changes in his body...and takes a long time at the drinking fountain1999
Hot girl only notices guy because of his new gets put under 'house arrest'1999
Totally rad dude snowboards better than skiiers and unites a mountain, bra.1999
Hockey player defies gravity, has secret identity1999
Boogeyman frames a girl, and she's probably Schizophrenic1999
Rich yuppie is a lousy cousin, spends time on farm, gets chased by cattle1999
Soccer player pretends to defy gravity, has secret identity2000
White-South African exchange student assumes all Americans are white, Black American host family assumes all South Africans are black, hilarity ensues.2000
All-star jock joins lame bowling team, makes bowling cool2000
Shoobie returns to homeland of Hawaii, learns to rip it up while surfing...she's a girl2000
Lame kid wins racing tournament, beats kid in lane 12000
Alien from bubble planet is afraid of the wind, stepsister doesn't like her2000
Girl wants to be a jockey, is adequately prepared to hustle2000
Teen is totes jealous of the five new members of her family2000
As if one Andy Lawrence wasn't enough, and who would believe 'identical cousins'?2000
Kid sets up mom on a date, but this guy has too crazy of a 'night life' and the date 'sucked'2000
Kids watch too many movies, foil masked villain, this job is definately not worth minimum wage2000
Girls rob Santa, ruin eco-system, still expect not to be on the naughty list2000
A girl from the 21st century forgets how to spell 'sequel'2001
A girl beats frenchman in a bike race2001
A kid from Ohio beats the Saint of the Step in basketball2001
A Smart Guy holds Louis Stevens' dog for randsom2001
Actor and character switch universes, actor later plays Boobie Miles' back-up's back-up2001
A monkey learns sign language and is probably smarter than Louis Stevens (It's like The Alan Twitty Project, but with Jennie)2001
Sequel to earlier movie, third brother added to cast, PIRATES!!!2001
Parents act really immature because of failed experiment, kids have to fix it before a certain point2001
A party-town gets real dull, a costume party gets a little too real...overall, a subpar sequel2001
Malcolm in the Middle's dad steals Santa's sleigh (does not cook meth), ___ __ ___ before Christmas2001
Two identical freaks in high school get unfair treatment from their dad and go on to play in the most boring league ever2002
Lizzie McGuire and Ren Stevens have to do a ribbon dance duet to save the army...or something2002
A sister exploits a special Shia LaBeouf in his 'most dramatic role ever' just to win a contest.2002
Red-headed British girl from The Parent Trap and Alfalfa team up to solve a mystery about some lonely teachers2002
Teacher neglects homework but successfully teaches a school of low-income minorities how to dance!2002
The girl from the O.C. does something with dolphins2002
In other words: The Yell Squad (this one's kind of obscure)2002
Twitty from Even Stevens wishes to be an only child!2003
If they were going for boring, 7th Heaven meets Nascar was 'Right on'2003
Coach Tugnut eats pancakes and Beans is gassy in the morning2003
Baseball coach forbids his first basemen from cooking, Bobby Flay's acting debut2003
Groups of mixed race girls sing a song to save a puppy's life2003
Lights in a basketball court defy physics, group of Jewish-Americans defies racial stereotypes2003
Mole rat arrested for indecent exposure2003
Kid can't get girl, creates his own perfect hologram ...very sad2004
Wrestler defeats opponent, even though he never even saw him coming2004
The final chapter of the best trilogy in this quiz, and it's not the BMW2004

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