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The cartoon was one of six TV shows to win an Emmy Award in 1960
Quick Draw was the mascot for ____ ______ in the early 60s
The segments and characters were similar to the Spike and Tyke cartoons William Hanna and Joseph Barbera produced during their theatrical animation careers at MGM
Doug Young voiced Doggie Daddy as an impersonation of
augie doggie and doggie daddy in portaguese
Who voiced Blabber Mouse
who was the original voice
who was a
Who was Snooper and Blabber's secretary
who voiced her
she was
snooper was Daws Butler impersonating
as the character
from the radio show
Top Cat was co-sponsored by
What is Top Cat called in the UK
how many weeks until the name changed in UK
Hokey Wolf was a short on the
as a replacedment for
because of him getting his own
Both Hokey and Ding-A-Ling were designed by
Yogi's inspiration was
who played
on what show
Yogi's name is similar to
who was a
he was known for his amuzing quotes such as
he later sued HB for
but the management said that the similarity if names was
he _____ this suit
but his defense was considered
Yakky Doodle's name is a lampoon of
the template for yakky was
who had a similar voice but was voiced by
instead of yakky's voice
the character's template was created by bill and joe at
for there _____ _____ _____ series
starting with the short
Weldon was a a former kids' show host and
he based yakky off of his
but was similar to
the same design as yakky was almost used l
except his color was usually
host of ruff and reddy
host of ruff and reddy reruns
NBC paired the opening and closing episodes of the ruff and reddy show (usually with a cliffhanger) with live segments and classic cartoons of
which were produced by
who did the flintstones strip?
Hanna barbera made more than ____ unproduced projects
Between the 1960s and the
How many emmy awards did the year win
1st tom and jerry to win an oscar
2nd tom and jerry to win an oscar
3rd tom and jerry to win an oscar
4th tom and jerry to win an oscar
5th tom and jerry to win an oscar
6th tom and jerry to win an oscar
7th tom and jerry to win an oscar
the first oscar nominated tom and jerry
lost to
which was produced by
2nd nominated but lost
3rd nominated but lost
4th nominated but lost
5th nominated but lost
6th nominated but lost
Bill's cause of death
bill's autobiography title
also was written by
Joe's Biography title
also the title can be called my life in toons from -----------------
after disney threatened to sue _______ ______ _______ centers
drunken calls to hanna barbera often asked what
this was so common during the
that the _____ _____ who worked their during the night
would amediatly answer the phone with
and would ____ ____ ____ ____ right after
how long was the flagstones
the flintstones were the first
Tom and Jerry is the most watch kids show in
NASA named two---- after tom and jerry
one of the most memed tom and jerry episodes is when they
some consider it
there was a competion to deside what at mgm
who won
what did he win
tom and jerry were going to cameo in the hit film
but spielberg cound't cause of
which mgm character did appear though
Tom and Jerry were never
Tom and Jerry began appearing in comic books in
as one of the features in
was their ever blood in HB Shows

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