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The show contributed to making Hanna-Barbera Productions a household name, and is often credited with legitimizing the concept of animation produced specifically for television
Joseph Barbera went to Chicago to pitch the program to Kellogg's executives through their ad agency to a man named---
Audrey Hepburn briefly dons a mask of Huckleberry Hound in the film---
a Québécois comedy group popular during the 1980s, was a pun on the name of Huckleberry Hound
_______ prison slang includes huckleberry hound
what does it mean
Hanna Barbera commissioned costumed characters of Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, and Quick Draw McGraw, which appeared at events like
Hanna-Barbera owner Taft Broadcasting started opening theme parks in 1972, beginning with
voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Art Carney
voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Bert Lahr
voiced by Jimmy Weldon in the style of Donald Duck
voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Alfred Hitchcock
voiced by Vance Colvig impersonating Wallace Beery
voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Shelley Berman
what is the yogi bear show called in italian
When the character of Snagglepuss was used for a series of Kellogg's cereal television commercials in the 1960s, Bert Lahr filed a lawsuit, claiming
which cereal
As part of the settlement, the disclaimer------ was required to be put on each commercial
thus making Butler one of the few voice artists to receive a
Butler reused his Snagglepuss voice for two other Hanna-Barbera characters. the first is
or also callled
the second one is
In 2017, Snagglepuss appeared in a eight-page story in Suicide Squad/Banana Splits Annual #1 by Mark Russell where he is portrayed as a gay
Fred and Wilma Flintstone were the first couple to be shown in _______ __________on prime-time television
The Flintstones was set in the town of ______
in some early episodes it was referred to as
The ______ in the Flintstones’ house changed in almost every episode.
The family's barking pet dinosaur, Dino, changed________ throughout the programme.
Main one was
The cartoon was originally aired in
The Flintstones was home to several major-league sports teams like
it featured more realistic art, characters, and stories than Hanna-Barbera's previous cartoon programs.
also was HB's first
ran on
what day of the week
early or late at night
the show is also known as
it was created by who
who was a---
After spending two decades in reruns, during which time it appeared on all 3 major US television networks of the time, new episodes were produced for syndication in
as part of the
which was already on its
The show's working titles were
which the creator said
but was for ____ ________
the last name of jonny
it came from a
for its
Wildey did not design the more cartoonishly drawn, pet bulldog,
which was designed by
Although they do not appear in any episode, scenes from the _____ _______ test film were incoderated in early credits
For inspiration he drew on
and a comic strip by _____
as well as the movie
which was a _____ ______ film
hanna barbera refused the creator to have a credit that stated
but finally compromised with
the creator wanted to have jonny's pet be a
Race Bannon was designed after
The surname Bannon is
the dog's is named that because his eyes have something black around his eyes. what is it?
can the dog speak
who voiced the dog
with an archival clip of an actual
he was intended to be a
it's was original speies before the dog idea was changed cause hanna barbera
was it in limited animation
who is the cheating team capatain of the Really Rottons?(77-79 together)
the series was a big money maker in
while it was running in reruns on Saturday morning in the late 1960s, Jonny Quest became a target of parental watchdog group
Reruns were taken off network television in
but returned in
The series has also been criticized for use of
they used what for music
what was the code ring offered for merchandise
as a promotion by
The 2008 series Headcases featured segments parodying
The 1984 song 'The Power of Love' by British dance-pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood makes reference to the show's main villain
H-B liked incidental characters with football-shaped heads. The unnamed fox has one, at least in some of the shots. It’s reminiscent of the original
Mainly remembering the scene in the commercials when he
Age of Ken muse when he died
Scooby Doo, Where Are You! was the result of CBS and Hanna-Barbera's plans to create a non-violent Saturday morning program that would appease
That had protested
One of the Original names for Scooby Doo where are you
The other original name considered
Designer for scooby doo

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