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The Flinstones Family originally was designed to consisted of Fred, WIlma, and _____
How many weeks did joe barbera pitch the flintstones before anybody bought it?
What was Fred and Wilma originally going to have a son, when did they originally plan to use the son as a character?
what was the kid's original name? (it wasn't pebbles)
Who made it a girl
How many years did it take to make the live-action Flintstones movie
The Flintstones was nominated for an Emmy in 1961 for 'Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of _____
Who did they loose to?
What state is bedrock city located?
There used to be a second one. Where was it?
While at MGM, Hanna and Barbera animated the opening titles for what tv series
What other sitcom did Hanna Barbera create the opening titles for?
Which Hanna Barbera cartoon did this have a crossover with?
Fred Flintstone is based on which honeymooners character
Barney Rubble is based on which honeymooners character
Betty Rubble is based on which honeymooners character
Wilma Flintstone is based on which honeymooners character
When ______ saw the Flintstones, he thought they were too similar and threatened to HB
he had to think about if he want to ruin a show that ruining brought so much joy to both ____ and ____
did he sue?
who convinced him not too?
fill in what they told him: 'We could probably have The Flintstones _____ ____ off the air.
but then said: 'Do you want to be known as the guy who ______ _____ ________ off the air?
The guy who took away a show so many kids love, and so many ______ ________, too?''[
Historians learned this through an interview with
who replaced ____ _____
as he voice of______ ______
after the original voice's death in
Corden was a close friend of
_____ _______ had done voice-overs for Gleason in his early movies
In may 2010, a commercial for which pebbles cereal led to a lawsuit?
With who?
he suit was settled in June 2010 with a condition of
After Bill and Joe left MGM, they decided to make more Tom And Jerrys. Who made the first series after Bill and Joe?
We're they successful?
how many were made?
Then who made Tom and Jerry?
Who first was a director at--
He started at MGM in
Because he was ____ at Warner bros
Because they
Jones named his studio
Who was the cofounder---
How many Tom and Jerrys were made by chuck
Did he enjoy making them?
Were they successful?
He later said that
The press said they were
Who has been tied first place with most oscar wins with best cartoon short subject
Which were produced by--
Wacky races was inspired by
Which was a _____ ______ film
The first Wacky Races spin-off
Which was inspired by
The second wacky races spin off
Which was inspired by
Which one is older, Pebbles or Bamm Bamm?
by how many years
Do Hanna Barbera characters age?
hey there it's yogi bear was first feature-length theatrical animated film that was
This film was the first feature film Gerry Johnson
who was the voice of
In 2013, TV Guide ranked The Flintstones the second Greatest TV Cartoon of All Time
right behind
what was the most financially successful network animated franchise for three decades
Until it was beat by
the Theme cafeteria of The Flintstones is in
In September 30, 2010, Google temporarily replaced the logo on their search page with a custom graphic celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first TV broadcast of what
adult swim hanna barbera show
features ex-superhero
who originally appeared on
with co-stars from the rest of the ____ gang
The main character was originally created during the
created by
Hanna and Barbera almost named Yogi Bear
The name of the early hanna barbera blog
the author of this blog
the author's other blog is named
the HB blog is named after
who is what animal
from early
including ______ and _______ ________
and the second is named after
which was the name _____ was given from his first owner
name of first owner
who is a
from what episode?
The Hanna Barbera theme park ride was at
the ride was called
and it was a _____ ride
This was the first of three ride attractions to be built inside
the second
what's the current
was the very first ride film to be done entirely using
what was the ride replaced with

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