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What animals were Bill and Joe thinking about making Tom And Jerry?
original flintstones Theme song
modern Flintstones theme song
The Cat concerto was almost a copy of a Warner Bros cartoon starring
which was directed by
the short was titled
First bought by
now is owned by
Flintstones was originally credited as a _____ _____ production
first hb exhibit
where was it
which is in what state
in what city
month exhibit began
month exhibit ended
exhibit curator
what changed HB
Tom and Jerry is owned by
Tom and Jerry swam with ______ ______
in the movie
which was relased in
In the underwater sequences in which Williams speaks to Tom and Jerry, Joseph Barbera had pink bubbles drawn coming out of her mouth for a cost of
after the animators added Tom and Jerry to Williams’ footage
Early test audiences said that they didn’t believe that that Williams was really _______
MGM costume designer _____designed a white suit for Williams to wear
the suit made would
Williams did the entire scene
She even experimented with adding____to keep her underwater
why did they nix that idea?
why else
Instead they had some secret devices added into it like ___ cleats welded to the floor of the pool.
slipped her feet into the cleats in order to stay at the bottom of the pool for the cafe scene with the Andre octopus.
Williams tried to stay underwater as long as she could for each take so that there would be _____ _____
She made it look so easy, and was able to stay down for so long, that the crew would almost ____ that she was underwater
the _____ ______ actually yelled, “What’s the matter, Esther, we haven’t finished the scene yet!” (230).
when did he yell that
Williams tried so hard to stay underwater for this scene that she became
The crew were in
so they really weren't paying attention to her ____ needs
She swam in a
she almost passed out at the
what other film did hanna barbera make a sequence for?
realesed in
Who does kelly dance with
what was tom in the background of the cameo
did kenneth muse animate part of that scene
Originally, the producers wanted to use _____ for this segment
Some sources claim initially agreed to loan the character out
but the truth was that _____ _____ rejected the deal
and why else
jerry was voiced by
it was number ___ on the most grossing films of the year
The cartoon dance sequence inspired Paula Abdul to dance with an animated cat in her
Gene Kelly's now iconic dance with Jerry the cartoon mouse took ____ months
and _____ to produce.
The scene initially didn't work as the animators had forgotten to add
Additional moneys had to be allocated to cover the new drawings that would be required.
they had to reanimate the scene cause jerry didn't have a
They also animated a sequence in
Did Tom Andy Jerry appear
The segment they didn't was the
Segment Titled
joe barbera's first job
In 1932, joe barbera took a job at
year joe barbera was born
where joe barbera was born
In 1936, Joe moved to work at
what year did bill and joe barbera take charge of mgm's cartoon division
the original name of the Hanna Barbera company
what year did bill and joe join forces
At MGM, Joe was the _____ artist
and ____ artist
while Bill was in charge of
Their first collaboration was
state Bill Hanna was born in
hanna started out as an
but had difficult time getting work during the
hanna decided to head in a different direction and join
in 1930, he went to work at
which created
in 1973, also produced the critically acclaimed
which is an adaption of the book by
who tackled the directorial duties and Timing
who did much of the writing
who became more involved in administrative responsibilities
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences gave Hanna and Barbera the prestigious ____ award in 1988
HANNA-BARBERA considered making the flintstones a _____ family
and also considered making them a _____ family
and a ___ family
and a ____ family
they later made another animated show about one of these 3. which one
was in successful?
what was the show called?

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