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Who animated the beginning of the Flintstones episode, The Astro-nuts(1-2 together)
What two characters were in that scene
First cartoon at the studio?(3-4 together)
First cartoon Bill and Joe created?
Who owns Hanna Barbera?
Voice of Jane Jetson
what show was basically every show made during the 70's
What was the Flintstones based on?
What year did Scooby Doo Where are you?(9-10 together)
year Scooby Doo ended
What year did Joe Barbera die?
joe Barbera's middle name
where did Bill and Joe first work together
first emmy winning show
Who voiced Yogi Bear
Who was the main writer for Quick Draw Mcgraw and also worked at Warner Brothers
number of shows created during the 50s
Voice of Brain and Fancy Fancy
voice of top cat
who are the 2 pioneers behind this company
Dred Baron is basically who on Laff-Lympics(21-22 together)
Mumbly is similar to who
Yogi bear first appeared on(23-24 together)
when did yogi get his own show
Top Cat lives in a?
What Tom and Jerry was almost a copy of the Warner Bros Cartoon, Rhaposody Rabbit
The major was the other major MGM director(27-31 together)
What show did he work on later at Hanna Barbera
Where did he die?
How did he die?
What year
who took over HB in the 90's?(32-33 together)
For what show?
The majority of early shows were sponsored by what cereal company(34-38 together)
There was one show that was sponsored by another cereal company. Which company was that?
What show?
That Company later had a cereal with characters from what show as a mascot*
Name of Cereal
How long were Ruff and Reddy Shorts
What two shows have theme-parks
Decade of the Smurf's(41-44 together)
decade smurfs were created
As What?
Created by who?
Origional Sponsor of the Flintstones
On the Original model sheets, what was the Flintstones called
Animation Style of HB cartoons(47-48 together)
Was that the same style as Tom and Jerry shorts?
When Huckleberry Hound first aired, what color was he in merchendise that was made
What was the Jetsons based on?
Voice of Tom
Toms original Name (52-53 together)
Jerry's first name
First voice for fred and Barney(54-55 together)
First voice of Betty
What character has been potrayed by the most voice actors
How many voices did betty have on the Flintstones
Number of oscars Tom and Jerry won
The sponsor for Magilla gorilla
Color of Cindy Bear originally (60-61 together)
She was voiced by
The Flintstones originally aired on what network(62-65 together)
After season 3, what day of the week did it air
Year Flintstones first aired on Saturday morning
Stopped airing
Pebbles was born in (66-67 together)
Bamm bamm in
Did the Flintstones win an emmy?
Pilot Promotion for Magilla Gorilla
What word could penny singleton not say right on the jetsons?(70-71 together)
How did she pronounce it
Only thing Friz Freleng worked on?
Fill in the following episode title: The Mark of ______(73-74 together)
that is an episode of what?
Barney Gumble is named after what Hanna Barbera character(74-75 together)
What show is Barney Gumble on?
who is the cheating team capatain of the Really Rottons?(77-79 together)
what color was he
what was his ocupation on his own show?
Voice of benny the ball
year Jetsons took place
In one of the early atom ant episodes, Who tried to escape from prison(82-88 together)
what is he now afraid of
how many criminals went with him
how did they escape
what was the prison's name
where is it located
title of episode
jabberjaw's voice is based on---
what two cartoons were supposed to be realesed on DVD but were not because of Warner bros shelving those two collections and putting two different ones in its place(90-92 together)
what were the two different ones?
has Warner Bros realsed the two origionally planned yet?
what is the flintstones home adress that was reveled in the episode the big bank robbery
the only flintstones episode wilma wore shoes
in the flintstones episode, the impractical joker, what is the name of the diner owner?
Who is El Kabong?
Who is El Kabong based on?
Huckleberry Hound's car number is often number
names of two crows in huckleberry hound episode, two corny crows
In Huckleberry Hound meets wee willie, wee willie weighs how many punds

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