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Most reused gag
True or false--- the first episode had no couch gag
The tv was changed to a flat screen what season...
in the Rick and Morty couch gag, Rick references what episode?
How many times did Rick reference the answer to the last question?
Couch gag in episode 530 was the same internationally exempt in---
There Silly Symphony parody couch gag. The silly symphony animated shorts were made by what animation studio during the golden age of animation?
The silly symphony couch gag was based on what short
The silly symphony couch gag was called....
the tv in each gag says created by
developed by (write complete name of each + the word and inbetween each name)
episode where the family sits normally was origionally going to be the gag for the first episode but they switched to what episode?
the monster couch _______ the simpson family
Did Treehouse of Horror I have a couch gag?
Did the tell-tale head?
the first person to have a couch gag cameo
the character who most often doesn't get included in the other family members craziness and/or stays safe and/or wins
first crossover
The Flintstones couch gag had animation cels that were sold... who made them
The Flintstones cels are signed by.... (name one)
the Flintstones gag was reused because
first thing the couch turned into...
Treehouse of horror III's gag was based on a poster promoting...
in the couch gags were the characters have mismatched heads, maggie has whose head
what does maggie take from homer in the couch gag above
How many takes did the gag where The Simpsons kept screwing up the gag so the scene was shot again
how many of the takes from the last question were re-used as individual couch gags?
first extra long couch gag
the gag where there is multiple families is often reused for syndicated episodes of seasons one through______
in the gag were the sizes are reversed in a star is burns, who stays the same size
only gag where the floor is brown
couch gag in who shot mr burns part 2
what is Homer in Much apu about nothing's couch gag
only character to fall without a parachute in the parachute couch gag
the second color bart is in a milhouse divided's gag
hurricane neddy's couch gag
the jetpack couch gag first aired in what episode
In Homer's phobia, the living room is in a _________ window
couch gag 4F08
The Old man and the Lisa's gag is the whack-a-mole gag with what change
what does bart sign his name as in the spray paint couch gag
whose hand is shown during the smear couch gag
although a different gag, the joy of sect's gag is similar to the gag for what episode
who came up with the idea for the frog couch gag
in the vine plant couch gag, maggie is a_____
in the rocky and bullwinkle flower parody gag, what does bart spit out
the first chalkboard couch gag, what does bart write
for the clothesline couch gag, which character hangs up the others?
what is screamed in the Dr. Strangelove bomb couch gag
who doesn't let homer have the remote in the reversed age couch gag
what is maggie in the reversed age couch gag?
who holds maggie in the reversed age couch gag
the circus line couch gag first aired only on whose broadcasts
the first circus line couch gag from the last question was for what episode
episode of first world-wide airing circus line couch gag
the season of the first episode with circus line couch gag
last airing of circus couch gag
last season of circus line
first episode with the edited circus line couch gag
The press states that the episodes are getting worse and think the couch gags are getting worse too True or false
episode with the first airing of tracey ullman counterparts couch gag
number of gags at normal speed for 500th-----
the 500th episode montage starts at _______ speed
every other gag for 500 is just _____ of the gag
circus line's music is heard in the background at
circus line has santa's little helper _______
circus line was the first elongated couch gag true or false
true or false-- Every couch gag is elongated now
The circus line couch gag was re-used at first to make up for _______ ________
what does matt groening where in the matt groening signature gag
In the gag for Treehouse of horror X who is only character that doesn't appear as he or she did in a past treehouse of horror episode?
who has vincent prince shackled up in the vincent prince couch gag
all of the artists in the paint by number gag are____
how many gags are focused on the sailboat paintng?
who is the puppet master in the puppet gag
what painting is in the background in the kid pix couch gag?
in the jumped the shark gag, whose legs are eaten by sharks?
in the time traveling remote gag, what is the first time period
has there been an episode with 3 food themes in a row?
what has homer said in the airings of the powers of ten gag (name one)
how many different gags has the family looked like moe?
for the 500th episode party gag, what episode does lisa say that it really is?
during the suprise party gag, homer has a _______ _________
the secerity gaurd strips homer down to being naked true or false
what show stole the sailboat painting
After homer found the boat painting in the 2nd Robot chicken couch gag, marge already bought a new one. What famous painting did she buy?
marge's second husband in the family photo gag
marge's third husband in family photo gag
the normal simpsons family are ______ for the last photo in the family photo gag
the year of first photo for family photo gag
the year of last photo for family photo gag
the longest couch gag
homer does what at the end of homers evolution gag
what is bart in homer evolution
which character cameos in the cheers part of the tv tribute gag
who won in the dog show gag
the gag for clown in the dumps has a showing of the _______ episode
color of moe in minecraft gag
only looney tunes character to cameo
only star wars movie character to cameo

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