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Can you name the Superheroes (or supervillains) with Color in their Name?

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RedDC Comics (Teen Titans) Archer
RedDC Comics. Hit Comics #1 (July, 1940) Bzzz
RedDC Comics (Teen Titans) Horns
Red Marvel Comics (Spider-man Villain) Gorillas
RedDC Comics (Batman) Jason Todd
Red Marvel Comics (General Ross)
RedMarvel Comics (X-men) Flower
Red Marvel Comics (Silver Age) Bird
RedDC Comics (Batman) Tim Drake
RedMarvel Comics (Betty Ross)
RedMarvel Comics (Captain America Villain) Nazi
Red Marvel Comics (Conan the Barbarian Heroine)
RedDC Comics (Heroine) Android (New Earth)
Red DC Comics (Justice League Hero) Android
RedX-men (Wolverine Villain) Not Alpha, but . . .
CrimsonDC Comics (Detective Comics #20) 1938
CrimsonMarvel Comics (Iron Man Villain) Armored
CrimsonMarvel Comics (Hero) England
CrimsonDC Comics (Justice League Europe) French
ScarletMarvel Comics (Arachnid)
ScarletMarvel Comics (Avengers Heroine) Wanda
OrangeGreen Lantern (DC Comics) Bad Stuff
GoldDC Comics Hero (Justice League)
GoldenDC Comics (Flash Villainess)
GoldenMarvel Comics (Squadron Supreme)
YellowMarvel Comics (Villain) 'Oh no! Not the . . . !'
YellowMarvel Comics (Avengers Hero) Flying insect
GreenDC Comics (Justice League Hero) Archer
Green Marvel Comics (Spider-man Villain)
Green Prize Comics (Hero of the 1940's)
Green Justice League (Hal Jordan)
GreenDynamite Comics Hero (Kato)
BlueDC Comics (Ted Kord)
BlueDC Comics Hero (Horns)
BlueDC Comics (Bird)
PurpleMarvel Comics (Daredevil Villain)
Black Marvel Comics (Spider-man) Felicia
BlackDC Comics (Shazam) Villain
BlackMarvel Comics (Inhumans) Leader
BlackJustice League Heroine - Loud Cry
BlackDC Comics Hero (Large Bird)
Black Marvel Comics (Avengers Hero) Medieval
BlackDC Comics (Batman Villain) Roman Sionis
Black Marvel Comics (Avengers Hero) T-Challa
BlackDC Comics (Batman Villain) Arachnid
BlackMarvel Comics (Avengers Heroine) Arachnid
BlackMarvel Comics (Hero Deceased) Civil War
BlackDC Comics (Justice League Hero)
BlackMarvel Comics (Villain) Snake
Black DC Comics (Aquaman Villain)
Black DC Comics (Heroine) Flower
BlackSuperfriends (Lightning Power)
BlackDC Comics (Heroes) World War II
SilverDC Comics (Superman) 1987
Silver Marvel Comics (1st Appearance - Avengers #8) 1998
SilverMarvel Comics (Herald of Galactus)
SilverMarvel Comics (Spider-man Heroine)
SilverMarvel Comics (Wolverine Villain) Japanese
White Marvel Comics (Spider-man Heroine)
White DC Comics (Legends of Tomorrow)

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