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Canada's super team (Sasquatch & Snowbird)
Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Iron Man, Thor, Cap)
1970's short-lived team (Hercules, Black Widow, Ghost Rider)
The Fearless . . . (1st Appearance Marvel Feature #1)
The Name of King Arthur's Sword (Captain Britian, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler)
The 'First Family' of Marvel
X-Team that debuted in 1994 Phalanx Covenant
31st Century Team from Knowhere
Power Man & Iron Fist (Misty Knight, Colleen Wing)
Nick & Dum Dum et al (WWII)
The Super-team of the Shi'ar Empire (Gladiator)
Live on the Moon in Attilan (Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon)
The WWII super team that fought the Nazis
1998 Imprint featuring Daredevil, Punisher, Spider-man
1st Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982) (Cannonball)
Team founded by Night Thrasher
Intergalactic Police of the Kree
First pre-teen superheroes
Teenagers vs their parents (the Pride)
1st Appearance: Strange Tales #135 (1965)
Team from Earth-712 (similar to the Avengers)
Criminals trying to be heroes
The 'Mutant Detective Agency' or return of the Original
X-Team Led by Cable (Deadpool; Domino)
The Uncanny . . . (Cyclops, Iceman, Angel etc)

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