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Bald Baby, with blue shirt, and diaper
Bald Baby born second
2 year old, Square purple glasses, untied shoes, and orange hair
Blonde Haired, oldest, bossiest, purple dress
Little bit of brown hair, male twin
Little bit of brown hair with pink bow, female twin
Asain Baby, black hair with 3 pigtails
African-American, yellow polka-dotted dress
Tommy and Dil's Mom
Tommy and Dil's Dad
Stu's Brother, Father of Angelica
Drew's Wife, Mother of Angelica
Father of Chuckie, Orange Hair too
Chuckie's Ex-mom, Died after giving birth
Chuckie's New Mom
Mother of Phil and Lil
Father of Phil and Lil
Father of Susie
Mother of Susie
Father of Stu and Drew, Grandpa of Tommy and Dil
Wife of Lou Pickles
DiDi's Father
DiDi's Mother
Grandpa's Cousin, Tommy thought she was an Alien
Chuckie's Grandpa
Chuckie's Grandma
Pickles' Family Dog
Spike's Girlfriend, Purple Skin and white hair. Spike met her in France
Angelica's Cat
Green Dinosaur on a tv show that the RugRats always watch
Plush-like teddy bears, usually in pastel colors with designs on their chests.
Chuckie's Toy Bear
Stuffed; green head; red cape; button eyes; flippers for arms. Usually with Kimi
Angelica's Doll
Most trusted Child Psychologist by Didi and Chazz

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