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QUIZ: Can you name the X-Men and The Brotherhood?

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Most powerful telepath in the world, but his biggest weakness are stairs.
This sub-zero super can freeze you in your tracks, but still can't touch his girlfriend
Whether he is benchpressing a tractor or deflecting bullets, he is always thinking of the mother land.
Aside from the bad dye job, the leach effect, and the over protective father figure, she's a normal teenager.
She could tend your wounds, read your mind, or throw you across the room with just a thought.
When this X-Man screams he came bring the toughest of superheros to thier knees.
Michael and Gabriel might be his brothers due the the similar wing span.
This X-Man has more than unbreakable bones, he has a short fuse and animal instincts.
This African princess will bring the rain or maybe just fail you in a class for the gifted.
This smooth talking ex-thief is a great cook and worthy of the world series of poker.
He can raise three kids, run an evil band of mutants, and still have time to try and destroy the entire homo-sapien race.
Similar to a pre-historic big cat, he has a nose for trouble and big teeth and claws to match.
When he is not crashing through walls or yelling profanities he is busy being a bitter younger brother. Oh and hes invulnerable.
As a slimy amphibien he has a long tongue and some nasty mucus, to bad hes not to graceful.
Though hard to notice due to a weight problem this villian has invulnerable skin and super strength.
She's blue da ba dee da ba die, da ba dee da ba die.
This villianess is far from lady luck with a wink and a hand wave she can turn the tables on your good fortune.
The question to ponder is not if he's faster than The Flash but why he has his own clothing line.
He is Hati's worst nightmare when it comes to his powers, but they have no worries about his intelligence
With her dead eye and steady hands she make Bullseye look like an amature.

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