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Can you name the hot shots part deux?

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hot shots part twopeopleobjects
what the narrator was trying to type in the opening credits
what he changed it to
main character
Ramada's code name
what did the main character use to drink his cola and cut off a branch
what the main character was using to try and get keys
what noises were made by the team when getting into the compound
what did the main character use as final shot with bow
what was sniper rifles round
bazookas round
hot shots part twopeopleobjects
what did the main character use on his fighting gloves
what woke the guard up when getting the keys
patrol boat leader swallowed what
what happened when the main character cut the candle
what was the limo driver doing while driving the 2 home
who gave the main character the lucky mole
what did the main character use as a sword
who was sudams wife
whom swung into the fire place
Finish Quote 'Now i will kill you...

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