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AA jungle, or a website for Christmas shopping
BDo they need a bail out?
CA poorman's Ebay
DWhat does that mean?
EBuy it
FWill you be my friend?
GGoogle, you sly dog
HDo people really need to search to check their e-mail?
ISome Vurntiure Ja?
JCheryl Ladd collection?
KDepartment store quality at department store prices!
LHow ___('s) can you go?
MOriginally made for indie artists...
NWhy go to the video store?
O'Home''s counterpart
PFor music explorers
QWho said that?
RA Genuine Dealer
SAn airline... or Arizona and Nevada
TBull's eye!
UFor all your shipping needs
VCan you hear me now?
WSam's Club's challenged cousin
XI pwn noobs
YBroadcast yourself
ZReal estate company... (sounds like a sleeping apparatus)

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