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Name of the shell beads used as payment by Native Americans?
The first US Mint is located where?
Greenbacks replaced what note?
Made in 1878 in exchange for silver dollars.
Who is on the $1,000 bill?
What year was the Sacagawea gold dollar minted?
Name for most natural commodities used as payment?
What year was the First US Bank created?
What was issued to act against the gold coin?
Who is on the $100 bill?
What words are printed on the right side of a heads up quarter?
Name of the type of notes made to fund the Civil War.
Name of the first paper dollar in the US colonies.
What year was the Second US Bank created?
What are newer pennies being made of since 1982?
What is the slang name of a dollar bill?
What year was paper money first used by the colonies?
Who is on the $100,000 bill?
What % of the money printed is the $1 bill?
Name of the paper currency used to fund the Revolutionary War.

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