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Octavians great general
Winning general at Zama
Winning general at Chalons
The ancient walls from Athens lead down to what
Spartan loving general of Athens
The son of Septimius Severus who was killed by his brother
The Egyptian god, with the hawks head
Hannibals father
Marius fought against which tribes from Gaul
What basic formation was made up of Hastati, Principes and Triarii, before the cohort
the name of the war fought between Rome and her allies trying to gain citizenship
Which river did Trajan reach to extend the Roman empire the futhest it had ever been
Name of the Dacian leader that Trajan defeated
Where was Caesar murdered
Name the creature Hercules had to kill for his second task
Over whose head does the proverbial sword hang over
Which type snake was supposed to have bitten Cleopatra
Who was the king maker
How long was one ostracized for
Of what did Pompey rid the Mediterranean

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